Monday, June 26, 2006

Well I figure I should dust off this blog and try to do some more blog here, but im still a livejournal user mostly. Well today was kind of busy, I was suppose to be off but I got called in for help. Then after work I went to Wal-Mart with Sam and Matt. I didnt buy anything. I just wanna come along.
Im not sure if I pissed off Danielle and Angie cause they wanted to do a 3 way cell phone talk which I was comfortable with that cause i cant remember if Cingular will charge for doing a 3way talk. So I hunged up on them cause they were acting as if they didnt care if they get charged or not. So what eva! Oh speaking of cell phones, sorry Evan I didnt get a chance to call you today, I will try tomorrow then I should be off (I better be off)
Well im getting sleepy. Im gonna hit the sac. Peace bitches!


Blogger Derrick said...

ROB!!!! You should vote for me and Cody's badass tag team in the Fist-A-Cuffs tournament. The URL is Our team is "TEAM DE-NILE" and to vote for us all you have to do is comment on the match entry. The votes are close and we're gonna need your support!

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